Learn More About Belly Buttons

Belly Buttons was started in 2013 by me, Beverley! Growing up in the Edmonton local punk scene there were always buttons around, specifically 1″ sized pinbacks, everyone had them, they collected them, they traded them, they shared them, they loved them! As a graphic designer and marketing graduate, I saw an opening for the need of a local button person and that’s why I started Belly Buttons.

Most proceeds from sales go back into Belly Buttons (replenish stock, purchase zines and other DIY endeavors), but it also goes towards my rent, groceries, gas, bills, etc! So when you make a purchase it means A LOT to me!  So far I’ve pressed over 30,000 buttons in the short time Belly Buttons has existed and I am very thankful for all my clients and everyone I’ve met over the past year through my company – I’m so lucky to have amazing friends and amazing clients who like supporting local!

Don’t be shy, reach out and ask for a quote!


edmontonexaminerBelly Buttons in The Edmonton Examiner (March 2014)

   Belly Buttons on Alberta Primetime (May 2014)